SDI Solo Diver

The SDI Solo Diver program teaches experienced recreational divers how to safely dive independently of a dive buddy or strengthen your buddy team skills. It is a program that is not suitable for every diver because divers must be willing to make the necessary commitment to train and equip themselves to manage the added risks independent diving involves. The course stresses proper dive planning, personal limitations, accident prevention and in the benefits, hazards, and proper procedures for diving solo. You will also learn the additional equipment that is required for Solo diving and how to configure that equipment.
Areas covered include:
• Why Solo dive?–pros and cons
• Equipment selection and configuration
• Dive planning for Solo divers
• Contingencies and emergency procedures
• Importance of good Solo navigation
• Minimum age of 21
• Minimum certification of Advanced diver or equivalent with 100 logged dives

What do I need to do before class?

  • Read the Solo Diver manual and complete a SDI Diver Training Record File (which includes a Medical Statement).
  • This course requires you to obtain a signed physicians approval before your class.
  • Please take a copy of the SDI Medical Statement to your physician for their approval and signature.

Cost: $ 125.00
plus the $33.00 book