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Scuba Services - Wazee Sports| Wazee Sports

Scuba Services

Equipment Service, Rentals, Air Fills


Equipment Service & Repair

Scuba equipment is a life support system. It is extremely important to service your equipment annually as recommended by the manufacturers.

Wazee Sports technicians will always follow manufacturer’s guidelines by disassembling and inspecting all parts for wear or corrosion, while disassembled; damaged or worn parts are replaced. The units are cleaned thoroughly, reassembled and properly adjusted to manufactures specifications.

Turnaround time is usually 1-2 days as long as no major problems are encountered. If we find your regulator needs a complete overhaul we will call before any work is performed.

Note: Purchasing used scuba gear can offer attractive pricing but do you really want to trust your life to questionable equipment?

An annual /overhaul service includes:

• Complete disassembly of the regulator and hoses
• Complete cleaning of all components according to manufacturer recommendations
• Complete inspection of all components looking for cracks, wear and defects
• Replacement of all warranty parts and worn or defective components
• Reassembly of the regulator and hoses per manufacturer recommendations
• Adjust of the regulator to manufacturer specifications including intermediate
pressure (IP), flow rates and inhalation effort

A performance check includes:

• Leak check your regulators, hoses and pressure gauge.
• Inspect the hoses and mouthpieces for wear and tear.
• Check and readjust if necessary the intermediate pressure.
• Adjust the regulator for the best breathing efficiency.
• Check the accuracy of the pressure gauge
• Check computer’s battery status and replace batteries if necessary

We service the following:

• Mares
• Hollis
• HOG/Edge
• Dive Rite
• OTS Full Face Mask
• Guardian Full Face Mask
• Oxygen service and cleaning also available

 Dealer for L3 Klein Associates, Inc.  ~Side Scan Sonar Equipment

L3 Klein Associates



Dealer for Seamor Marine  ~Remote Operate Vehicles

seamor rov bruces legacy search and recovery






Dealer for JW Fishers  ~Underwater Search Equipment




Deep Blue Adventures  Dive Travel

Dag Motors  ATV Rentals

Air Fills

We offer a variety of air fills and compounds for your tanks.
Frequent Divers: get an air fill punch card! 10 fills for the price of 8!

Air Tanks

Hyper filtered air add $1 per tank

Pony $7.50
HP Sall Tanks $7.50
60-80 cf Tanks $8.50
85-120 cf Tanks $7.50
Doubles $15.00
Tri Mix in Small Tanks $25.00
Paintball Tanks $6.00


Air Compounds

Gas price/cf

Oxygen $1.00
Helium $0.35
Argon* $1.00
*Argon requires $7 minimum purchase

Nitrox & Oxygen Fills

$10 Minimum

12-40 60-80 90-110 120
Up to 32% $11 $12 $13 $14
%36 $12 $13 $14 $15
%40 $12 $13 $14 $15
50% $14 $15
80% $15 $24
100% $15 $28


Contact Us to Schedule Your Equipment Check-Up