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RG3100ICE 84″ Regulator by Dive Rite


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Dive Rite’s proven RG3100 regulator offers excellent performance and reliability, yet is very affordable.

The first stage is a balanced diaphragm design featuring five standard size low-pressure 3/8-inch ports (four on a swiveling turret and one on the end), and two standard size high-pressure 7/16-inch ports on the side. Its symmetric design and port alignments support a huge variety of mounting orientations and hose routings. Although we don’t recommend flooding your regulator, the RG3100 tolerates flooding very well, making it a good choice as a deco/stage/reserve first stage. Suitable for use in water to 50°F, an optional cold-water environmental kit that allows the RG3100 to perform in cold-water conditions. The environmental kit also protects the regulator from build up of salt, sand, or other contaminants. It comes standard with a 300-BAR DIN connector and a yoke adapter; a version with a native yoke fitting is also available. Nitrox-ready.

Five Port DIN 1st Stage The second stage is a pneumatically balanced downstream design that has proven to be very reliable. The ergonomic, venturi lever is easy to adjust even with thick gloves or cold-water mitts. The use of a balanced second stage offers excellent performance at depth — the deeper the dive, the less effort to breathe. Equipped with a stiff purge, venturi assist switch and breathing-resistance adjustment knob that has a range of adjustments well above average. Nitrox-ready. The RG3100 comes standard with a black cover; yellow, blue, or green interchangeable covers are available.

The RG3100 Regulator comes with Dive Rite’s limited lifetime warranty and free service kits for life through an authorized Dive Rite dealer as long as the regulator is serviced by an authorized Dive Rite dealer every two years or one hundred dives. Some divers choose to avail themselves of warranty service at authorized service centers. Others prefer the do-it-yourself method. With Dive Rite, there are no mysteries. 84″


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