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OTS Guardian Full Face Mask


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OTS Guardian Full Face Mask

OTS Guardian Full Face Mask… Designed With Divers In Mind!!!  

With over 60 years of diving experience and having sold almost every Full Face Mask (FFM) on the market, it was easy to see there was a need for something better. A common problem with most FFM, is the seal. The lack of a good seal causes the diver to use air quicker and can interfere with the divers ability to hear if using underwater communications. The Double Seal was specifically designed to allow people with a small faces or a slim face, especially in the temple area, to seal better. The OTS Guardian Full Face Mask is comfortable and is easy to use for anyone. The low profile visor ensures great visibility. The OTS ABV valve helps preserve your air when on the surface. Set up is fast and the hose is on the right side which helps to keep your configuration clean and organized. Diving becomes effortless especially in cold water. The Guardian helps keep your face warm and being able to breathe with your nose helps keep you from getting a dry throat, which is common for divers who have long duration dives.
Everyone has a little different face. Equalizing is a challenge for all full face masks… One size does not fit all!. In order to ensure everyone can equalize, OTS has put together an Equalizing Kit which comes with every Guardian full face mask. The kit consists of two bases. One is a standard size without any holes. It can be adjusted up or down to fit as necessary. The other base has two holes which allow for different size pads that can be added. In the event the standard base does not work for you, one of the pads and the other base should fit the bill.
  • Double seal, allowing for the comfort of both small and large faces
  • Equalizing system which helps fit virtually all noses
  • Variety of Colors are offered
  • Low profile (visibility is superb)
  • Hose comes off the right side (most preferred by divers)
  • Easily adjustable head straps & robust buckles.
  • Ambient Breathing Valve (ABV) standard
  • Easily removable 2nd stage regulator (great for storage and maintenance)
  • Prepared for OTS communication systems
  • Supply hose included
  • OTS Mask bag and more…

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