Mares Tropic 3MM Wetsuit Trilastic




Mares Tropic 3 mm Trilastic:
Stylish, light weight, and excellent for temperate water
• Tricore chest for warmth
and comfort
• Neck custom closure
• Metal skin seal on neck,
wrists and ankles
mares tropic 3mm trilastic womens
This 3mm suit is the ideal choice for warmer environments. Also ideal for multiple surface water sports like snorkeling, surfing, or skiing. The Tricore technology makes these suits durable, quick drying, warm, and comfortable. The Lady version features the new elliptical stitching and the aquastop system. Together they offer better insulation.

About Mares

Mares is a leader in scuba diving world with more than 60 years of experience! From the beginning the brand has surprised with its innovativeness and high quality products created with great passion for water activities. Today this Italian brand offers the best diving equipment of high quality standards and innovative design. Mares invest its time and money to be 100% reliable. It can be proud of sophisticated, safe, reliable and top-quality equipment! But what is the most important for Mares is pure enthusiasm and love for diving that strongly motivate the brand in the development of better and more reliable products!

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