HOG D1 1st Stage DIN Coldwater



The HOG D1 1st Stage DIN Coldwater is the First Stage Choice for cold, temperate and warm water technical Diving!

This is the the same great 1st stage D1 with the addition of being environmentally sealed.


Note: If you want to get certified to repair your HOG regulators yourself, we can help. Give us a call to take the HOG Regulator Repair course and you can buy and repair your own HOG gear. (This is a TDI certification)


When the HOG D1 Cold first stage is matched with the HOG technical second stage, and your choice of hose lengths, this provides the perfect regulator for demanding dives.

The high gas flow rate and breathing performance of this first stage provides plenty of gas for all technical and extended range dives and comes ready for use with elevated oxygen applications (100% Oxygen to 2400psi, 80% Oxygen to 3400 psi out of box when new). When the HOG D1 first stage is matched with the HOG technical second stage, and your choice of hose lengths, this provides the perfect regulator for demanding dives.

New in 2010 we added a 5th Low Pressure port on the end of the swivel. this greatly increases the utility for a wider variety of hose routing. Diving doubles, singles, sidemount or as a stage/deco gas you’ll find that the HOG D1 First Stage will meet your needs..

HOG First stages have been produced using a DIVE INDUSTRY first and MUCH more environmentally friendly Trivalent Chroming process. Trivalent Chrome is exceptionally friendly to the environment compared to standard Chrome; it is also much more expensive.However, even using more expensive choices than other scuba companies in production, HOG regulators remain the best value in the dive industry for divers needing durability, performance and reliability for demanding technical dives.

We don’t sell the HOG regulators as a prepackaged “kit” for doubles since the intended market, Technical Divers, has varied and individual needs in hose length. This allows us to keep the price lower while not having a “standard” length hose end up discarded and unused, which is a silly waste of your money and environmental resources.

  • Balanced Diaphragm.
  • 300 BAR DIN.
  • Rotating turret with 5 LP ports and 2 HP ports located on each side of the first  stage body.
  • 5th Low Pressure port on end greatly increases hose routing options
  • Includes protective Delrin DIN cap with string.
  • Trivalent Chrome for durability and environmental responsibility

EDGE/HOG highly recommends that non qualified individuals seek professional training/mentoring before attempting repairs or servicing on EDGE/HOG products. EDGE/HOG dealers are also able to perform all warranty, repair and service work on your EDGE/HOG product. EDGE/HOG recommends that divers participation in more advanced technical and exploration type diving be trained in equipment service and has made HOG Service Clinics available thru the participating EDGE/HOG dealers.
When attaching a hose to the “end” 5th Low Pressure port it is recommended you lightly apply Tribo Lube 71 to the threads.

Regulators have a Original Owner Limited Lifetime (with proof of purchase)  and  All Owners 7 year limited warranty (from original owner purchase or manuf. date when available) all non serviceable components except for hoses and mouthpieces. Hoses enjoy a 3 year limited warranty and mouthpieces enjoy a warranty up to the point you bite thru them.

HOG D1 Cold 1st Stage Schematic

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