HOG Classic 2nd Stage Regulator



The HOG classic 2nd stage is THE Second Stage for Technical Divers!   Technical divers demand performance, durability, and dependability from their gear… HOG delivers…at a shockingly low price. You can easily pay three times more and get a less capable regulator, but why?




The HOG Second stage gives you ergonomic one-handed access to both the inhalation effort knob and the dive/pre-dive venturi adjustment lever, making perfect regulator tuning easy.  The rigid second stage face cover and the positive-action purge button with diaphragm protection reduces the possibility for current-induced free flows and completely eliminates the possibility of diaphragm pinching seen with many flimsy rubber purge covers.  The most important feature of the HOG technical second stage is the amazing breathing performance!  The metal gas tube and precision components of this second stage allow for precision tuning for extremely easy breathing while also retaining heat and moisture from exhaled breath. This provides increased resistance to freezing in cold water and less “dry mouth”.  The dual diver-adjustable features allow for condition-specific tuning during each stage of the dive.  When paired with the HOG D1 or D1 COLD first stage, you can assemble a technical diving regulator that simply cannot be beat!

HOG Second stages have been produced using a DIVE INDUSTRY first and MUCH more environmentally friendly Trivalent Chroming process. Trivalent Chrome is exceptionally friendly to the environment compared to standard Chrome; it is also much more expensive. Even using more expensive choices in production the HOG regulators remain the best value in the dive industry for divers needing durability, performance and reliability for demanding technical dives.

We don’t sell the HOG regulators as a prepackaged “kit” for doubles as  the intended market, Technical Divers, have varied needs in hose length, this allows us to keep the price lower while not having a “standard” length hose end up discarded and unused, a silly waste of money and resources.   Order hoses separately.


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