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Hog 32 Lb Wing Gen 2| Wazee Sports

Hog 32 Lb Wing Gen 2 For Single Tank-Black/Red

$299.95 $199.95


Hog 32 Lb Wing Gen 2 For Single Tank-Black & Red

The HOG 32lb Wing is the ideal choice for single cylinder diving with a backplate or soft pack harness system. The HOG 32lb Wing features the extremely low profile donut wing shape so popular with single cylinder diving today, as well as an offset inflator hose elbow to eliminate interference with regulator first stages. The center of the HOG 32lb Wing features both cam strap slots as well as 3 sets of bolt holes. The 32 Lb wing can be used with or without a Single Tank Adapter (STA) by simply using cam bands (this method is very streamlined).



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