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Fourth Element Arctic Top


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The Xerotherm Arctic is one of the highest performance undersuits in scuba diving. Constructed using a unique combination of low volume, high insulation materials, the Xerotherm Arctic’s two layer structure creates a microclimate next to the skin, maximising the retention of body warmth during a dive.

Using high density fleece, the Xerotherm Arctic holds air next to the skin and wicks away moisture from suit leaks or perspiration to maintain a dry zone next to the skin. The outer layer is high stretch, abrasion resistant material, which will not interfere with the operation of auto dump valves, and will not cause air to be trapped.

The Arctic will also continue to perform when wet. In situations even when a drysuit has flooded, the Xerotherm Arctic continues to provide thermal protection.

The Xerotherm Arctic is fully machine washable

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Weight 3 lbs

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