Dive Rite Rec EXP Wing 16″


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A hybrid wing, the Rec EXP can be worn on single or double tanks making it one of our most popular wings. When diving single tanks, two clips on each side of the wing attach to D-rings on the backplate, keeping the wing close to the diver’s body. This avoids the "taco" effect of the wing wrapping around the tank, away from the diver, which diminishes buoyancy control. At full lift capacity, the Rec EXP has 50 lbs/ 23kg of lift and can accommodate LP95/HP119 ft3/15 L singles or smaller doubles such as HP100’s/AL80’s. The Rec comes standard with a plain elbow, 16-inch corrogated hose and 22-inch low pressure BC inflator hose. The Rec EXP’s unique bladder design allows a single bladder Rec EXP to be altered (at the factory) to become a dual bladder wing at a later date, or it can be initially purchased as a dual bladder wing. Approximate dimensions uninflated: 24-in H x 23-in W (60.9cm x 58.4cm)


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