If you like personal satisfaction of helping other people, this class is for you. Becoming a
PADI Divemaster is the first step in your journey to become a diving professional. Your
primary responsibility will be to guide and supervise students. You may be called on to
perform many other duties ranging from technician to counselor. With this program you will
have your first opportunity to become a member of PADI, and have access to the many
benefits of the Association such as the Undersea Journal, which is published quarterly by
PADI. You will also have access to job placements and other special, opportunities associated
with the PADI membership. The class is divided into two parts, knowledge development and
practical application. In the classroom portion of the class, you will learn more about dive
planning, dive management and control, and how to supervise students in training. During the
practical application phase, you will have the opportunity to work with new students both in
the pool and throughout their Open Water training.

Rescue Diver is a prerequisite.

Cost: $ 395.00
Plus the textbook