HOG Regulator Service

The HOG Regulator Service course is open to Technical divers. This means that the student has taken a technical level course at some point and is a competent technical diver. For example a TDI Nitrox course, but not SDI Nitrox Intro to Tech; GUE Fundamentals with a tech pass, but not a recreational pass.

EDGE/HOG does NOT sell parts to end users. ONLY EDGE/HOG dealers are permitted to sell parts.

The class is a full 8-hour program, and is designed for technical divers who own and will service their own HOG regulators. During the class you will be disassembling, cleaning, reassembling and troubleshooting your own HOG 1st and 2nd stages. You will be required to bring to class:

  • A complete HOG regulator set, including 1st stage, at least one 2nd stage, an SPG, and appropriate hoses.
  • Copies of your nitrox and technical diver certification cards.
  • All of the tools on the Required Tools List. (We will email you a copy)

Prior to the class you should read “Scuba Regulator Savvy” by Peter Wolfinger and complete the IQ Reviews. This information is critical to understanding and servicing regulators and forms the foundation upon which we will build during the class. Students who do buy cialis cheap http://www.trevorturnbull.com online not complete the IQ Reviews prior to the start of class, will not be able to complete this class.

*Please review the ‘Required Tools’ list and purchase any tools that you do not already own!

In order to successfully completed the course, you must be able to clearly demonstrate to the satisfaction of the instructor that you have the ability to troubleshoot and service HOG regulators.