ERDI Contaminated Water Diver Ops is the perfect course for any public safety team member. Because the majority of public safety dives are conducted in contaminated water, it more is critical to know how to mitigate: potential health risks and cross contamination into vehicle and home. This course can be a ‘stand-alone’ course or taught in conjunction with one of ERDI’s other courses. It teaches public safety divers and support staff how to safely decontaminate divers after a dive. This course takes divers through the specific planning procedures, techniques and equipment used during public safety dives. During the course, the ERDI Instructor takes divers on a minimum of two dives and covers skills such as:

• Risk Assessment

• Decontamination of a diver

• Emergency procedures for dry suit malfunction

• Equipment inspection Neurological assessment of diver

• Finite cleaning

ERDI’s Contaminated Water Diver Ops is a useful stand-alone course for the public safety team member who wants to become more skilled and proficient with diving in contaminated environments or proper handling of a diver who has been in a contaminated environment. The course may also be taught in conjunction with any of ERDI’s other course offerings, on the condition that all prerequisites and standards applicable to both courses are fully met.

The maximum depth limit of this course 15 meters/45 feet; dive operations are not required for non-diving students.

Prerequisites to enroll on the ERDI Contaminated Water Diver Ops course are: Age 18, ERD 1Diver, SDI Dry Suit Diver, SDI/ERDI Full Face Mask Diver or equivalent. (Diver certifications not required for awareness and operations levels)

Course Price $195