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Technical Diving Courses| Wazee Sports

Technical Diving

Tec, Tech, Tek, Technical Diving…no matter the name used, all it means is diving beyond the conventional parameters of recreational diving. Tech Diving requires dive experience, advanced training, special equipment and often uses mixed gases/enriched air beyond normal air.

Technical Diving is challenging, but also more rewarding. The majority of divers dive for recreational purposes but the skills and advancement into tech diving, you can experience longer, deeper dives, and explore parts of the ocean others cannot. Think shipwrecks, entering caves, or extensive coral reefs for example.

An individual must be at least 18 years or older and have their Open Water certification to be considered for any technical courses.

Check out our offered courses below; if you are interested in joining one of our classes, but do not see the next available date to the right, please contact us and let us know which you would like to participate in.

Offered Courses
TDI Advanced Gas Blender
TDI Decompression Procedures
TDI Entry Level Trimix
TDI Intro to Technical Diving
TDI Nitrox Gas Blender
TDI O2 Service Technician
TDI On-line Basic Nitrox Diver
TDI Advanced Nitrox & Deco
TDI Advanced Trimix

TDI HOG Regulator Servicing 

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