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We strive to make sure you receive the attention to detail you deserve so that you can enjoy any level of diving you desire to achieve. Our satisfaction comes from the stories you share with us and we’d like to share some of the emails we’ve received from satisfied and long-standing clients who continue to frequent our dive shop.

Drop us an email and let us know your experience with Wazee Sports Center. We appreciate your support and feedback to further our drive for excellence.

Thank You!

Adam WojciehowskiSt Croix EMS & Rescue

The training provided by Wazee Sport Center LLC. was superb.

The instructor was very engaging and you could tell he had an intrinsic desire to provide the best possible training to our team ERDI Underwater Crime Scene class was phenomenal. The information and hands-on techniques surpassed any training that I have taken…and I have taken a lot of diving courses.

I would recommend Wazee Sports and ERDI to any fellow public safety diver or agency with absolutely no hesitation.

Lt. Mike YoderMarinette County Sheriff's Dept.


Thanks for the good job training our team. I saw some real growth in confidence in the newer members. Your commitment is truly admirable!

Stay safe,

Mike Grasch

Hey Keith,

Had one of the greatest weekends in my diving career, this weekend. I was so estastic after sunday’s dive. Huge confidence booster.
Thanks again for everything. I cannot say enough about you as an instructor and dive shop owner.
Thanks again!!!!!!

Joshua W. Staggs - DeputySWAT & Dive Team Walworth County Sheriff's Department


Thanks again for the class. We all took a lot from it and would highly recommend the class and you as an instructor to others.


Tobias K. FrostLafayette Fire Dept


Thanks for a good class. I look forward to working with you again.

Thanks again, it was worth the drive.

Michael Grasch

Hey Keith,

I cannot thank you enough for what you have done to shape me into the diver I am today.

As a Tech diver I always know I can work on things to improve myself, but I believe you have given me the fundamentals to be a good tech diver. You have given me the drive to work harder and better. I only hope I can carry your name as an instructor with honor, (won’t mention your name on bad dives).

Thanks Again,

Jenny GregorLa Crescent MN

Thank you Keith for being such an amazing instructor! It has been a difficult year with the stress of all the dive skills you have given me but I am so excited after tonight and feel like I can do anything now. A year ago you would never imagined I could clear my mask.

Thanks for being a great instructor and for being patient when needed.

I am proud to tell people that I dive with your shop and try to get new divers.

Dan Lewandowski


I’ve taken a number of tech diving courses and by far the CCR course with John Janzen was the best ever.

Long before even starting the training, John provided his own extensive and very complete notes on preparation for the course, even including suggested equipment and supplies lists complete with catalog numbers and websites of sources. And he was always available by phone and e-mail to answer any questions I had. He provided much better up-front, timely preparation materials and course expectations info than I’ve had for any other course.

John really knows every imaginable detail of the equipment and its operation. I had problems with the activation software for the new unit – John took the unit home and worked it out. During the course, numerous equipment issues came up – John had the tools on site and the expertise to immediately handle them all. All through the course he provided useful tips in addition to the SOP’s, and always could explain clearly and in detail the “why’s” of the equipment operation and procedures beyond the typical course content. For example, the laminated set-up/dive prep checklist he provided was way more logical, thorough and useful than the checklist in the AP manual.

The guy is also tremendously patient. He was able to stay in the “positive coaching” mode even when I must have been frustrating the heck out of him. He really earned my respect for that. The instructors that blow you off after a mistake and say “you just died” or throw out a string of profanities don’t really help you improve your skills (it might help expand your vocabulary though).

He doesn’t waste time in the course – and he expects efficiency to go along with the strict set-up and pre-dive procedures. In short, he’s a great model of how to do it right. Another great benefit of having John as an instructor – he considers you his “student for life” and invites any future questions, help, etc. related to improving your rebreather diving skills.

I think this was the most thorough and best value tech course I’ve taken.

Thanks much,